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Includes two lessons a week on your horse, up to three trainer rides a week, and two lining or driving work-outs per week. Unlimited access to horse but scheduled rides and strict training schedule to maximize both horse and rider for competition with close trainer involvement. Best paired with either Rising Equestrian or Equestrian Athlete tuition, based on trainers evaluation of riders weekly riding needs, in addition to scheduled ride on owned horse.


Why tuition? Tuition helps to defray the cost of operating expenses. Due to the need to schedule staff and interns, and to properly utilize our horses, no lesson missed or cancelled by a participant can be made up nor shall the participant be entitled to a refund.  Make-up lessons will be offered by participant cancelling due to a medical condition or sickness, which prevents the rider from participating in a lesson or session.


***All lessons, whether group or private, are to be determined at trainer’s discretion, based on students skill level and month-to-month needs.


ENTRY LEVEL EQUESTRIAN: $240 a month. Includes 4 scheduled lessons. (($60 per)


RISING EQUESTRIAN: $330 a month. Includes 6 total scheduled lessons. ($55 per)


EQUESTRIAN ATHLETE: $400 a month. Includes 8 total lessons. Perfect for riders wanting to grow and be pushed, training twice a week. ($50 per)


SHOW TEAM RIDER: $500 per month. Includes 12 lessons, three each week, participation in Show Group lesson Saturday. Must be able to attend each Saturday lesson or Horse Show scheduled on that Saturday. ($44 per)


Why lease? Many newcomers to the horse world may be surprised to learn that you could lease a horse the same way that you would a car. Instead of purchasing a horse outright, you pay the horse’s owner an agreed upon fee per month or per year for access to the horse. Here at Selah East, we offer two types of horse leases: a full lease and a half lease.


Depending on where your child is on their journey  as a rider, the horse you need for their current skill level will be different than the horse you may need in a year or two. Not only will your child’s skills grow but so will their bodies! The 13hh pony that’s perfect for them now won’t be a good match when your child is taller and heavier. Leasing a horse lets you find a mount that’s a good match for you now and alleviates the burden of needing to sell a horse once you’ve outgrown it and need something bigger or more advanced. A great horse is hard to find, so when people find them they understandably want to keep them and make sure that the horse is always taken care of. This is where the lease comes in. While an owner or trainer may not want to sell their unicorn of a horse, they are often open to leasing them to the right person. This way they retain control of the valued animal and can ensure they’re in the hands of a caring & suitable person



Includes 2 lessons a week and 2 hacks, horse may be used once (twice max) a week by trainer, but lessor gets full access and first right to horse at all times. Lessons and hacks must be scheduled in advance. Lessor also has option to share horse at horse shows to split show costs for affordability, but is not required to, therefore has exclusive show rights. (Only applicable to certain horses)


HALF LEASE: $600 (only available to certain situations)

Includes two lessons a week and one bareback ride or short hack, three rides total, first right to show the horse, must share horse at shows, and horse will still be used in the lesson program for other riders. Additional lesson cost: $40

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