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Each lesson is designed to be safe and fun while building foundations through advanced skills. We use creative and unique ways to teach proper technique and always provide lots of variety! Our program is not just riding. It is a from-the-ground-up, all-around, hands-on, horse experience. Along with their preferred riding discipline, students will learn how to:


- Build a relationship with a variety of ponies, school and show horses

- Grooming, bathing, and essential equine care

- Education in tack and its care

- Ground work, lunging and grazing

- Feeding, mucking, and all parts of care


We teach English styles of riding, including Hunter Jumper, Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Jumping and Western Pleasure. Lessons are offered to students age 4 and older. We also serve a large number of adult students who have just taken up the sport or are returning after many years away from the saddle. We have several Show Teams, all attending rated shows. For more information on our Show Teams, ask! 


Lessons are 60-90 minutes and they include caring for the horses. Students learn how to properly groom their horse, tack, and have an opportunity for a hands-on experience in addition to their riding lesson.

Lessons are 45 minutes in the saddle and include 30 minutes of ground work (15 minutes before and after the scheduled lesson time for grooming, tacking, bathing and grazing). Some students may prefer, or require additional time, it is the parents responsibility to arrive accordingly. We allow and encourage early drop off and late pick-ups, as long as agreed upon in advance! We believe in an open barn door policy, and offer volunteering opportunities at your trainer‘s discretion.


Here at Selah, we offer a variety of lesson options including: private, group and trail lessons (at your trainer’s discretion). As students reach an advanced level of riding, we offer lessons on trail, giving another aspect of horsemanship. This opportunity is offered for advanced students only.

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